Sunday, December 18, 2011

Morning Note

It's the right season and you are all friends so allow this bit of self-indulgence.

This morning Maya woke up and went into the bedroom where I sleep. Not one to just sit around doing nothing, but not wanting to make me get up, she announced that she was going to draw. But what? "What should I draw? I will draw the New Yorker logo."

Yeah! Good idea Maya.

After considering the issue, she delved into the task and produced an outline. I was still pondering the issue of whether to get up, so she announced that she was going to color it.

"Do you think I should color it?"

"Good idea, Maya."

Below is the result.

What next? I obviously I did not get it, so after a few moments of silence, she hands me the note below.

And that's how I got up this morning- with a purpose, courtesy of Maya.

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1 comment:

  1. Very diplomatic! With tact! Nice!!
    When I grow up, i want to be like Maya : )